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Timba and Musicality Development Program

Discover the joy of Cuban movement with our inspiring online dance classes! Unleash your creativity and explore new moves as you learn to groove.

Learn Osmani Segura’s signature Timba style.

Class structure

Musical interpretation

Getting familiar with the lyrics and the instrumentation. What are we dancing? What or who or are we dancing to/for?


Breaking down the choreography into small, manageable sections or steps, so It is easier for you to learn and remember.


Dance each step or section slowly and clearly, and have you practice before moving on to the next.


Encouraging you to pay attention to your posture, footwork, and timing, as these are important elements of every Timba routine.


Runing through the choreography multiple times until you feel confident and comfortable with the steps.

Once you’ve practiced enough, don’t forget to relax, forget all the theory and just enjoy!

Dancing with musicality can be an effective way to express yourself. The music will act as the backbone of your movements and allow you to interpret the music’s emotion and message. This enhances your ability to communicate your feelings through your dancing. Additionally, it helps you to form a deeper understanding and connection with the music.

By interpreting the music through your body movements, you can gain a deeper understanding of its meaning and emotion and make the experience more enjoyable and enriching.

There are countless benefits to dancing with musicality. You’ll find that you’re able to move more fluidly and precisely when you dance with the music, rather than just going through the motions without any connection to the music itself.

You’ll be able to feel the nuances and emotions in the song, and this will come through in your dancing. Your movements will be more expressive and convey the message of the song more effectively. Dancing with musicality can also help you to connect with your body in a deeper way. You’ll be more aware of how your body is moving and how each movement feels. This can lead to a greater sense of mindfulness and embodiment, two things that are crucial for any dancer.

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Timba & Musicality Development Program

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Timba & Musicality Development Program

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