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Body Movement
Development Program

Discover the joy of Cuban movement with our inspiring online dance classes! Unleash your creativity and explore new moves as you learn to groove.

Learn Body Movement from Osmani Segura.

Program structure

Introduction to body movement in Cuban salsa

An overview of the role of body movement in Cuban salsa, including the basic footwork and body isolation techniques.

Basic footwork and body isolation techniques

Fundamental footwork and body isolation techniques that form the foundation of Cuban salsa.

Body movement variations for different styles.

Explore the different body movements used in different styles, like Son, Cha-cha-cha, and Timba.

Body movement in relation to music and lyrics

How to use body movement to express the mood and meaning of the music and lyrics in Cuban salsa.

Practive, Maintenance and improvement

Advanced body movement techniques, combinations and choreographies.

And once you’ve practiced enough, don’t forget to relax, forget all the theory and just have fun!

From our origins in African culture, to our Afro-Cuban folklore, Rumba, Son, all the way to the contemporary popularity of “Timba” dancing, everything is rooted in good body movement and mobility.

Body movement is king not only in Cuban Salsa. It is the key to everything. It will allow navigate your dance space smoothly. Every combination, every “70”, every “Dile Que No”, the whole social dancing experience will simply feel differently.

This program is perfect for beginners with at least several months to a year of experience, up to intermediate dancers. However advanced dancers can also benefit from the program. It is a great tool to help you learn the proper basics of body movement and continue on your salsa journey.

The program will help you learn how to move your body properly and effectively. You will learn how to move your shoulders properly, your torso, hips and how to shift your weight correctly when doing salsa steps.

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Timba & Musicality Development Program

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Timba & Musicality Development Program

$ 24
99 Per Month
  • Billed Every 3 Months
  • Three Months Full Access
  • Two New Classes Per Month
  • More Flexiblility